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-Unkindloving- Self Reflection & Sanity Stabilization


12 May 1988
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I'm of the human and female persuasions. I'm a whole other breed of person as i know exactly what it is to be brutally honest, to desire common courtesy, to take no one's shit, and what it is to love with my entire heart. The world does not need to be taken on by me and i can appreciate it even in the smallest of doses, so do not think i am ever not living. I live every day no matter if i am idle or not jumping off of cliffs to experience some other-minded high. I have great respect for nature, human advancements/creations, and people who are as real to themselves as i am to myself.

I am loving, captivated, insecure, a smart-ass, and a complete asshole all at once and if you can handle all of that then please feel free to read or get to know me.
I'm multifaceted is what it comes down to- so do with it as you will- because i know that's what i've been doing for the majority of my life.


Btw - .Fucking Colorbars. -

Tank Girl is Rebellious Love.
Made by toxicjellybean

The criss-crossed thoughts bickering back and forth;
Proving their bantering is unsatisfied as “words on paper.”
Regrettably; we retract all sense of comprehension.
A world grows darkened and bitter from amidst the inner-workings,
And yet we have no remorse as it is merely the night to our misguided day.
Our thoughts, hopes, and dreams flail in the twilight of a new dawn.
Simply scrounging once more about the shimmering concrete;
Only fallen upon out of falsified glamorousness.
You in your red dress; Starlit and sobbing.
Perhaps you in your torn rags far from riches;
All glorified and nothing.
We are all the same here as we are misled amongst each other.
And all of those “good intentions” will go unheeded and never fully fulfilled.
Yet what does it matter when all you are is “words on paper.”
And simply just as unsatisfied and unsatisfying.

-Look into my life if you will. I'm an open book to on-lookers-

The Dresden Dolls are rock love

Regina. -And Everyone Inside The Mechanism... Is Yearning... To Get Out- .Spektor

Rilo - .and last night, when my hands were choking you. - Kiley

Dresden. -There Is This Thing That's Like Fucking... Except You Don't Fuck- .Dolls

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.It's All I Support.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 is Left-Hander's Day.


-Final Fantasy VII-

.::. Ready for the action now Danger Boy,
Ready if I’m ready for you Danger Boy,
Ready if I want it now Danger Boy,
How dare you, dare you Danger Boy,
How dare you, dare you Danger Boy,
I dare you, dare you Danger Boy
-Aeon Flux- Thanataphobia

.If you made any of the icons i use and want to be credited - feel free to leave a comment and i will update them.
-Otherwise, i don't care-